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microSD Card Related


On the left side of the COLDCARD® is a microSD card slot. When needed, the COLDCARD will access the files on that card as a means to interact with the rest of the world without using the USB port.

Many features requiring a microSD card are listed in the MicroSD Card menu, under the Advanced Menu:

microsd menu

microSD Functions#

Detailed information and instructions are linked in the function description.

Verify Backup - Performs a CRC32 check on your backup file.

Backup System - Encrypts everything you need to regain access to your funds (wallet seed and settings) as a 7z archive and saves it to your microSD card.

Dump Summary - Saves a text file containing a summary of the public details of your wallet. Includes the extended public key (XPUB) for importing to a software wallet.

Export Wallet - Use this option to create data files for various wallets. Allows you to import data while keeping your COLDCARD offline.

Options include:

Sign Text File - Add a Bitcoin signature to a file already on your microSD card.

Upgrade from SD - Upgrade the COLDCARD's firmware from a .dfu file saved to a microSD card.

Clone Coldcard - Use this feature to turn an extra, blank COLDCARD into a copy of another COLDCARD.

List Files - Lists the files saved to the microSD card. Selecting a file shows the SHA-256 hash.

Format Card - Formats the inserted microSD card and builds a new file system. Please note, formatting does not create a secure erase of the contents.