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COLDCARD Compatible Software Wallets and Tools#

Interested in software wallets or Bitcoin-based financial tools to use with your COLDCARD®? You're in the right place.

Compatible Wallets#

The names listed here may seem familiar as they are mentioned elsewhere on the site. We made this overview and comparison table to help you learn more about each of these COLDCARD compatible wallets.

If a wallet isn't listed, that doesn't mean your COLDCARD won't work with it. Any wallet following Bitcoin standards like BIP-174, which introduced partially signed bitcoin transactions (PSBT), should be compatible.

Click a wallet name to learn more about using it with a COLDCARD.

  Windows macOS Linux iOS Android Notes
Bitcoin Core Full node, heavy wallet (downloads entire blockchain).
BlueWallet Easy to use, mobile-oriented, lots of features.
Casa Mobile-only, free app, multisig and other services require subscription.
Coldcore Experimental, requires Bitcoin Core, developer advises not using real funds.
Electrum Powerful, multi-platform, supports add-ons/plugins.
Fully Noded Requires Bitcoin Core, Apple-only, connects to your node via Tor.
Sparrow Desktop-only, supports — but doesn't require — Bitcoin Core and private Electrum servers.
Specter Desktop Requires Bitcoin Core, offers Tor integration, desktop-only.
Unchained Web-based, multisig, collaborative custody vaults, desktop-only, recovery available through open-source Caravan.
Wasabi Wallet Bech32-exclusive, built-in CoinJoin functionality, traffic routed through Tor.
Nunchuk Mobile-only, easy to use single and multisig options.

Compatible Bitcoin Financial Tools#

COLDCARD also works with financial tools designed for business transactions and services. These are the ones you'll see on our site.

BTCPay Server#

BTCPay Server is a free, open-source Bitcoin payment processor. You deploy it, you control it. Invoice customers, collect tips or donations, and receive funds in BTC directly. BTCPay has an integrated wallet for managing your funds which you can use with an air-gapped COLDCARD.

BTCPay Server and COLDCARD How-To Videos#


Unchained supports self-custody with multisig vaults for individuals and businesses. Other financial services, like loans and retirement accounts, are also available, although currently limited to select US states.

Unchained COLDCARD Video#

Unchained COLDCARD Documentation#