Local Confirmation Codes

The only interaction possible with a Coldcard in HSM mode is to enter a local authorization code. This can be required by specific HSM policy rules, but is optional.

As the local operator enters the 6-digit numeric code, the digits are shown in the top right corner of the screen. Press OK to apply them, or X to clear and start over. Codes are always 6 digits. There is no indication the code worked or failed, in part because it isn't tested until the PSBT is given for signing, which could be some time later.

entering local code

The required code is a combination of the specific bytes of the PSBT file being approved, and also a salt value picked by the Coldcard. If you have the PSBT file to be approved, you can use the ckcc local-conf command to show the code needed:

% ckcc local-conf debug/attempt.psbt
Local authorization code is:

However, most will use the CKBunker, which reveals the local code as shown here:

bunker shows local code

A different code will be required for each attempted signing (because Coldcard changes the salt value) and for every PSBT file (because the hash of the PSBT is a factor in this number).

Set the value local_conf in your spending rule to require the correct code at PSBT approval time.