Export Deterministic Entropy (BIP-85)

(new in v3.1.4)

COLDCARD can export "entropy" based mathematically on your COLDCARD's seed value. This will be displayed as a 12 or 24 word seed phrase, or formatted in other ways to make it very easy to import into other wallet systems.

You can easily recreate this value later, based only the seed phrase or encrypted backup file for the COLDCARD.

There is no way to reverse the process, even if the other wallet system is compromised. As a result, the other wallet is segregated from the COLDCARD and still fully backed-up.

bip-85 demo

Read the BIP-85 (Deterministic Entropy From BIP-32 Keychains) for more detail and other applications.

Video: How to use BIP-85 Child Seeds with COLDCARD and other Bitcoin Wallets

How To Use

Thanks go to Ethan Kosakovsky for creating this useful standard, and for accepting our additions as the standard was being refined.