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The advanced menu contains a number of useful features that are not required daily.

advanced menu

Advanced Functions

View Identity
Display a few public details about your wallet, such as the XPUB and the fingerprint.
Upgrade the firmware on the Coldcard, using MicroSD. Also shows version numbers.
Save your wallet seed and settings into an encrypted MicroSD file.
MicroSD Card
Manage files on the MicroSD card, and other functions related to the card.
Paper Wallets
Create a paper Bitcoin wallet.
Address Explorer
View payment addresses, and optionally save them to a MicroSD card.

Video: Address Explorer

Derive Entropy
Create and export deterministic entropy for other wallet systems (BIP-85).
Danger Zone
Developer-only features and things you shouldn't do.

"Danger Zone" Menu

The advanced menu contains a sub menu labeled the "Danger Zone":

advanced menu

These are rarely-used commands that have the potential to affect your Bitcoin holdings. Use them with caution.

Debug Functions
Test some error cases, such as exceptions. Mostly harmless.
Lock Down Seed
Convert BIP-39 seed phrase and password to a BIP-32 wallet.
View Seed Words
Shows warning screen, and then displays the 24 seed words on the Coldcard screen. If defined, the BIP-39 passphrase is also shown.
Destroy Seed
Forget the seed words, and all hope of recovering your funds! There is a confirmation screen.
I Am Developer
Enable various debuging modes and features for MicroPython programmers and experimentors.
Wipe Patch Area
Wipe and rebuild a small internal filesystem that can be used to store extra code/features. Harmless.
Perform Selftest
Starts the factory self-test, which will clear the settings.
Set High-Water
Records a new minimum version number for future upgrades and prevents downgrades below current version.
Testnet Mode
Allows you to select which blockchain, mainnet or testnet.

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